Terrifying Childhood TV & Movie Memories!


Lets face it, we all like to get a little bit scared and nothing scared us more than having to go to bed as a child just when the TV was starting to warm up for the evening! Of course there was always the excuse of coming back down stairs for a glass of water and taking a sneaky peek at late time TV. We should have known better though because those were the moments that were going to haunt us for the rest of our lives!!!!! The silly thing though is that it doesn’t have to be a horror movie which gives you the creeps as a child. Our little imaginations are just waiting to go wild and we can turn the most innocent of TV moments in to a terror fest!

So here is my top 10 TV and Film moments which kept me awake night after night as a child during the 70’s and early 80’s!


1. The House That Bled to Death -Hammer House of Horror

What story couldn’t scare a child with a name like that. This episode of the iconic Hammer House of Horror series had it all, dead animals, reappearing ghost weapons, severed hands, and the famous birthday party with loads of blood! This episode was a truly brilliant story which stayed with many of us for years to come. Stop for a moment though! I was too young to watch this as a child so how did it manage to scare me? The truth is that I never actually saw the episode as a child, I just happened to catch the trailer on TV and that was enough for little me!


2. The Blob – Original B Movie

Now some people see this movie as a comedy. Ok, it is a totally camp, retro, alien, b-movie romp! Meteor lands from space, stupid person touches it, scary lump of jelly goes on his hand and the rest is history! EEEEEK, just writing this down gives me the willies! This movie so scared me as a child because, lets face it, what could be scarier than your favourite party food having the ability to creep under doors and attack you!


3. The Original Omen Films 1 & 2

As a adult I am such a fan of the Omen movies, so much so that i’ll even give the forth one the occasional watch! These movies were always on late at night after I had gone to bed so I only ever caught the odd scene as I crept down stairs for a glass of water. Of course my psychic abilities kicked in and I always managed to walk in just as the main gory scenes were happening, e.g: the pane of glass scene in the 1st movie and the hungry bird scene in the 2nd. Timing is everything when your little!


4. Alien

All I need to say is that one moment I was creeping down stairs, next moment…… JOHN HURT SCENE!!!!! When your pretending to be in bed, no one can hear you scream!!!!!! These movies also ended up being on my hit list. Terrifying as a child but amazing as an adult!


5. ET

Of course we all ended up in floods of tears when we finally saw the movie and wanted a cuddly alien friend, but when I first saw images of ET in the newspaper, it put the shivers in me!


6. Day Of The Triffids – BBC series

I re-watched this the other day. No wonder it scared me as a kid!!! Ok, the alien flowers look pretty silly by todays standards but the opening title music is the stuff nightmares are made of. Well worth a watch and listen and a great story!

Image7. Nosey Bonk – Jigsaw (Childrens TV show) 

NoseyBonk was a character in a classic children’s puzzle solving show. All I can say is that he is not to be confused with Jigsaw from the Saw movies! What were they thinking!!!!


8. War of The Worlds (original movie)

An amazing story and pure horror as a child! I will never forget seeing this little alien creeping around the corner and never wanting to go bed again! You can’t beat a good old fashioned man made alien! He looks quite cute now!  Lets not even talk about the final scene in the movie with the scary hairy hand!!!!


9. Carrie

I was a little older when I saw this movie. What a fantastic atmosphere!!!!! Sissy Spacek’s portrayal of adolesent and confused Carrie is pure genius and it is a pure fest of evil characters. A sweet, sour movie featuring another iconic scary hand moment. You also get to see a young John Travolta and a lot of blood. Not a good movie for vegetarians, and what could be scarier for a child at school that the idea that… ‘They’re all gonna laugh at you!’


10. Rosemary’s Baby

A brilliant psychological movie which should not be watched if you are pregnant! Rosemary is portrayed by the amazing Mia Farrow in this classic, disturbing and demonic horror by Roman Polanski. I have no children by the way. Say no more!!!!

Above are just a few of the movies which made an impact on my tiny little mind as a child. Yes, I probably shouldn’t have been watching a lot of them but they made me a huge horror fan today and let’s face it, the most unexpected of things can spook you as a kid. One thing I do know is that as an adult, you can’t beat a night of horror movies while you snuggle up to your other half! It always leads to romance and I’ve been pretenting to be scared for years! 😉



  1. I loved Hammer House of Horror; I have the boxset 🙂 I only recently saw Rosemary’s Baby. What a fantastic film. I love all the others too.

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